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  • Medical record storage

  • Distribution warehousing

  • Containerized storage

  • Temporary corporate storage

  • Military storage

  • Temporary household goods storage

Gain space with safe and secure storage solutions

For complete storage capability that's secure - meaning it comes out the same way it came in - you can rely on Hinchey's full service facility to keep your valued items thoroughly documented and stored safely!

"Hinchey was here this morning as planned and removed all items. The gentlemen were efficient and very kind and even helped me move another sofa to the front reception area. My compliments and thank you to the company for the cordial staff!"


- Sue B.

Thorough and accurate documentation

With storage, it's all about the system. That's why Hinchey ensures each of your items is inventoried and documented. Nothing is ever lost in the shuffle and sloppiness is certainly never accepted. We are your office and commercial specialists.

Climate controlled storage with options!

Obviously, not everyone's storage situation and requirements are going to be the same. Here at Hinchey Moving & Storage, we strive to be the most flexible choice you will find anywhere in Northeastern PA. Your unique needs are always factored into every decision we make on the job. Whether you have long term record storage needs for your business, or just a month long household storage timeframe, you'll have a climate controlled facility with which to house your items.

Get A Move On!

Local: 570-558-0134

Toll Free: 800-606-5835